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Your Brain Suffers If You Have Hearing Loss

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Senior man painting indoorsUse it or lose it is right: if you have hearing loss, your brain is missing out on stimuli that keeps it active. The brain will naturally rework an underutilized auditory cortex, and that can have severe implications for your cognitive abilities.

Hearing Loss Physically Alters The Brain

Your brain starts to change when you begin to lose your hearing. The nerves in your ears no longer send signals to your brain. The hearing center of your brain will start to atrophy as tissues waste away.


During this change, your brain will naturally begin cross-modal cortical reorganization, or readjust its capabilities to compensate for the lack of stimuli.


Hearing Loss And Neuroplasticity

Neuroplasticity is your brain’s ability to adapt to cognitive changes. Our brains continue to grow and change throughout our lives, and neuroplasticity allows your brain the flexibility it needs to develop.


So if you experience hearing loss, neuroplasticity will reshape the brain’s auditory cortex for visual interpretation. Have you noticed you’ve become quite the avid lip-reader? That’s because your brain is adjusting itself and committing more energy to visual interpretation.


Cognitive Ability

Hearing loss can lead to a lack of speech comprehension. Other areas of the brain will begin to devote energy to interpreting sound, so their higher functions get neglected. This cognitive disruption can lead to memory loss and dementia.


People with hearing loss often avoid social situations because they struggle to understand conversations or fear embarrassment. The fear cuts into your social life, making conversations difficult and negatively impacting relationships. This leads to social isolation, making you more susceptible to depression and dementia.


Hearing aids promote healthy hearing and positive relationships. Gone will be the days of you asking others to repeat themselves, and your brain will thank you for the stimulation.


Protect Your Brain

Hearing aids can help reintroduce sound stimulation to the audio cortex. It’s essential to regularly wear your hearing aids because it takes time for your brain to interpret sounds you’ve been missing. Luckily, neuroplasticity goes both ways so your brain can relearn sounds.


However, long-term untreated hearing loss can cause irreversible damage to your ears and auditory cortex. Visit an audiologist for a hearing evaluation and discuss treatment options.


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