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Thursday, 03 March 2016 15:28

She Feels Safer and More Confident

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I'd like to share a little of the huge changes to my life and that of my 97 year old aunt to her new hearing aid.
Feel free to use all or part of this lengthy piece.

She has struggled for years with an antiquated and finally useless hearing aid. Her previous audiologist sent her away saying there was nothing else he could provide and don't bother looking as her brain would not cooperate enough to make it worthwhile, etc.

So her world has continually shrunk, friends stop calling on the phone and only the most dedicated came to visit because it was such a difficult exercise.

As her caregiver and niece I had been reduced to exhausting myself trying in to communicate. I was lately dictating my message to my cell phone then handing it to her to read, which was a lengthy and flawed process.

The first night as we clinked wine glasses in toast she smiled and exclaimed how great that sounded and wondered if she could go the opera and enjoy it!!!

I notice she feels safer and more confident moving around and speaking spontaneously and being animated.
I can even speak to her from the other room and she can understand me! Oh My!

The day after she got the new aids I felt like I was a experiencing 'continental rebound', that's what happens to land previously buried by glaciers starts to expand. We are both so much more relaxed.

I am so grateful that her longtime friend and your patient shared his experience with his first hearing aid. He hadn't known he needed one but for pleas to turn down the TV or radio. But was realizing how much he had been missing.

My aunt was really impressed by his experience and kept saying she had to contact you. She says this in the best money she ever spent and that it is giving her a new lease on life.

And Dr. Medina, she loves you for being so personable and easy to communicate with and can tell you really care about your patients.

Many thanks for providing such great care.

We are enthusiastic to recommend not only the technology, which many people offer, but most importantly wholeheartedly endorse YOU!

Aní Ferguson and Anne Stegemeyer., New York, New York


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