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You Can Use HSAs And FSAs To Purchase Hearing Aids

The New Year is the perfect time to commit to protecting your hearing. You can address old hearing issues with new motivation, which can improve your overall health. Here are some ways you can protect your hearing and ease hearing loss.

You Can Use HSAs And FSAs To Purchase Hearing AidsYou need the right hearing aids to fit your unique needs and ensure effective hearing loss treatment. Unfortunately, hearing aids may not be covered by health insurance or Medicare.

Handling Virtual Holidays With Hearing AidsHoliday celebrations may look different this year if you’re using video calls for remote communication. Pairing your hearing aids with smart devices creates a seamless stream of audio right to your ears so you won’t miss out on a single holiday moment. The Audio Help team has created a list of tips to help you enjoy effortless video calls.

Seniors wearing masks on Facetime in kitchenWearing a mask in public keeps you safe, but it can irritate your ears, dislodge your hearing aids, and negatively impact your communication. Audio Help wants to provide you with tricks to wear your hearing aids and mask without the hassle.

Image of older woman talking with audiologist. Audio Help Hearing Centers offers aural rehabilitation classes to help remove the stigma of hearing loss in an open, supportive environment with other individuals in similar situations.

senior woman trying on hearing aidYou can utilize hearing aid accessories that will add a wealth of advantages to devices that already make a difference in your daily life. Find out how you can benefit from accessories like CaptionCall and TV streamers.

senior woman trying on hearing aidGone are the days of large, clunky devices that work periodically at best, and look embarrassingly bad. Today’s hearing aids are pieces of technology that do more than increase volume and are significantly less visible than their predecessors. Furthermore, the stigma previously associated with wearing them is a thing of the past.

Senior using tablet at homeUntreated hearing loss can negatively impact your interactions with others, even if you don’t realize it. You find yourself pulling away from one-on-one interactions, especially in loud, noisy conversations, and feel lonely. It may be time to take action.

couple discussing hearing lossHearing loss can be a sensitive subject, especially if your loved one does not wish to address it. But it’s a meaningful conversation that will benefit everyone in the long run. Here are some ideas for starting up “the talk” about hearing loss.

Senior man painting indoorsUse it or lose it is right: if you have hearing loss, your brain is missing out on stimuli that keeps it active. The brain will naturally rework an underutilized auditory cortex, and that can have severe implications for your cognitive abilities.

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