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Audiology Services During Better Hearing and Speech MonthBetter Hearing and Speech Month aims to raise awareness about hearing loss and speech problems and encourage everyone to seek evaluation services.

About 48 million Americans have hearing loss caused by noise exposure from work, leisure activities, ototoxic medications and treatments, and ear infections.

Why You Need an Annual Hearing TestYour hearing health changes throughout your life, and that’s why it’s essential to visit an audiologist for an annual hearing evaluation. Those screenings are just as important for hearing aid wearers as for people new to hearing loss assessments.

The Importance of Real Ear MeasurementsAt Audio Help Hearing Centers, our expert doctors of audiology employ real ear measurements (REM) to ensure your hearing aids suit your acoustic needs and ear shape. That way, you can enjoy optimized hearing in any listening environment.

Understanding the Cost of Hearing AidsHearing aids are an important investment that can improve your overall quality of life. Our highly trained Doctors of Audiology work with patients to provide custom hearing solutions based on their needs and their budget.  We do not push specific brands or devices, but rather work hard to find the best fit for you.

Tips for Pairing Your Bluetooth Hearing AidsWith Bluetooth hearing aids, you have access to a wealth of quality audio that can be streamed right to your hearing devices. Here are some tips for troubleshooting wireless connections.

Your Brain Suffers if You Have Hearing LossYour brain is missing out on essential stimuli if you live with untreated hearing loss. Research indicates reduced hearing stimulation alters brain function. The brain will naturally rework your auditory cortex if it’s not being used, and that may cause cognitive decline and dementia.

Remote Hearing Services for SnowbirdsIt can be quite cold in the northeast part of the United States between November and April. If you’re one of our patients who enjoy traveling to warmer climates during winter, there are remote services you can take advantage of to promote healthy hearing.

Image of woman using tablet to watch hearing aid virtual conversation.Our audiologists will host a virtual event on February 22 at noon. Audio Help founder audiologists and our other hearing experts will share information and field questions from you and your loved ones to improve your overall hearing aid experience.

You can join the Zoom meeting up to 10 minutes before it starts.


Wear hearing aid every dayWe’ve talked with many of our patients about their hearing aid use and were surprised to discover roughly 30% of them don’t wear their hearing aids daily.


Consistently wearing your hearing devices is important for successfully treating your hearing loss. The more you wear them, the more comfortable you’ll feel and the better you’ll interact with your loved ones and surroundings.

Family enjoying a holiday.It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Healthy hearing is a present you can give yourself or to others.

Treat Yourself to Better Hearing

Here are some reasons you should consider treating your hearing loss:

Reduce listening fatigue: If you have hearing loss, your brain works harder to interpret sounds on a limited amount of audio. Your brain requires energy to “listen,” so you may feel tired after being exposed to long conversations and noisy environments. Treating your hearing loss with hearing aids reduces the effort your brain puts forth to interpret sounds. That will leave you with more mental energy to enjoy the things you love.

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