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Tuesday, 28 October 2014 11:07

Recommend? A Definitive Yes!

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My sister, Peggy, from New Mexico has been wearing hearing aids for many years. While in a New York City visit this past summer 2014, we met with Rufina, the center's audiologist, for a complete and thorough hearing test. After which, Peggy received a recommendation for a new up-to-date set of hearing aids, which Peggy decided to purchase.

Rufina took her time with Peggy, calmly explaining at some length all the differences between the new, and Peggy's old, hearing aids. The new ones are a quantum leap forward in design and ability to improve hearing, and a new phone works with the new hearing aids so that Peggy is now able to hear much better in a phone conversation, and the speaker on the other end of the line (me!) no longer has to yell at the top of his lungs, often repeatedly, to be heard by Peggy.

A tremendous asset to this location is Ashley, working in the main office, who provided knowledgeable and patient advice to my sister about changing batteries, filters, and other replaceable parts of the new hearing aids. Both Rufina and Ashley are dolls, and their coordination and ability to answer all questions was essential to Peggy's understanding and proper use of her new hearing aids. In addition, both Rufina and Ashley worked diligently to provide Peggy access to audiologists in Albuquerque, New Mexico, so that Peggy has local personal and professional contracts she has met with to ask further questions she has had regarding her new hearing aids.

When Peggy returned to New York City in October 2014, both Rufina and Ashley spent additional time with my sister explaining to her some of the concerns she had about her new hearing aids. And by the way, the hearing center is located just a few steps from the 14th Street Subway stop of the A, C and E trains. Would I recommend this center to someone looking for the latest in hearing aids -- as you can read, the answer is a definitive YES!

-George F.

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