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Put Your Hearing At The Top Of Your Holiday To-Do List

Written by Audio Help Hearing Centers
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Image of family celebrating the holidaysYour holiday check list is undoubtedly jam-packed with shopping, gift wrapping, and decorating. But before you go and check the next item off your list take a moment to consider your hearing this holiday season.

There’s nothing better than catching up with your loved ones during the holidays but hearing loss will make conversation difficult. Now is the time to act so your holidays don’t go silent.

Prep Your Hearing Aids

Losing battery power during a party will throw a wrench in your holiday cheer so charge your batteries often or bring extras with you to events.

If you don’t wear hearing aids, now is the time to consider seeing an audiologist who can determine the best aural rehab for you. It may take time to get used to new hearing aids so getting an early jump will allow you time to get accustomed to your equipment before the holidays.

Know Before You Go

Preparation is the name of the game, especially during loud, festive parties. If possible, check out the venue before the party or arrive early to determine the best hearing locations.

Look for things like:

  • Carpeted floors and drapes that will help absorb background noise
  • Rooms and seats away from speakers or loud music
  • Quiet spots for one-on-one conversations away from the kitchen or dining room


There truly is no place like home for the holidays, but bustling airports are difficult hearing environments for anyone. Keep all hearing aid equipment and accessories in your carry-on bag and print tickets and boarding passes before heading to the airport. Doing so will limit possible miscommunications in such a noisy environment.


Don’t let your hearing affect a single moment of holiday magic. Be open about your hearing loss and speak up for yourself during the holidays. Your loved ones will be glad you did, and conversations will be easier for everyone involved.

Try these tips to help boost your hearing:

  • Ask people to get your attention before speaking to you
  • Stand closer to read facial expressions and lips during conversations
  • Indicate you need someone to speak louder by tapping your ear

For more information about how Audio Help can help you prepare for noisy holidays, call 888-832-9966 or contact us online.

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