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At Audio Help Hearing Centers, we are devoted to bringing you the latest in hearing aid technology to help enhance your active New York City lifestyle.

Our Doctors of Audiology care about your hearing health and believe that optimal hearing health does not stop with the use of hearing aids. We offer a wide variety of treatments and sophisticated devices to enhance your hearing that work along with your hearing aids.

Below are other audiology services we provide and may recommend at our five convenient locations in NYC, Scarsdale and Stamford:

  • Assistive listening devices: In addition to hearing aids, there are several hearing health devices available to help you have improved listening experiences. These devices include amplifiers to minimize the background noise in a crowded room and directional microphones to help you better understand those around you. Our experts will help you navigate your options.
  • Hearing aid fittings and repair: Ill-fitting hearing aids will decrease their effectiveness and leave you less likely to wear them. We work with you to make sure they fit comfortably and work as intended in the case of mechanical issues.
  • Audiological testing: Do you have concerns about the hearing of you or a loved one? Schedule a hearing evaluation to determine the level of hearing loss and which treatments may be most effective in treating the impairment.
  • Tinnitus treatment: This “ringing in the ears” can affect different aspects of life for millions of people, including sleeping and ability to focus. We can help you identify environmental triggers and offer suggestions – including counseling, hearing aids and sound generators – to help limit its impact on your quality of life.
  • Speech and balance rehabilitation: The inner ear is closely tied to our sense of balance. We can conduct tests to identify balance problems and dizziness, while working on strategies to correct these health and safety concerns.
  • Hearing protection: Even if you already have hearing loss, protecting your hearing can help preserve the hearing you still have. Hearing protection can also limit the worsening of tinnitus.
  • Aural rehabilitation classes: These supportive sessions help patients manage hearing loss as they get accustomed to new hearing aids and devices, while learning strategies for effective communication.
  • Vestibular Evaluation & Rehabilitation: Those with vestibular disorders may have trouble with dizziness, vertigo and balance. Because the dizziness may stem from inner ear disorders, our audiology experts can identify and recommend treatments to safely manage balance concerns.
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