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Wednesday, 10 October 2012 09:38

My Life Has Totally Changed

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My life has totally changed. When I left your office that day, I was able to hear the birds sing and able to hear my footsteps. I started to cry! These hearing devices have also changed my families' lives as well. They can speak to me in a more normal way, my husband is very happy to not have to repeat a question to me. I also wanted to say that they have saved my life. I was almost in a car accident and because I had my hearing aids in I was able to hear the car that was in my blind spot. If I didn't hear the car I would have gotten into an accident on the FDR drive. I also wanted to mention that my tinnitus has been greatly reduced due to wearing these aids.

I feel less lonely now that I have the aids because my children have always asked me, "what's that noise?" I always made something up because I couldn't hear what they heard. Now, with these devices, I can hear everything they do. I am so happy with them. I can't get over the fact that I lived over 10 years with my hearing loss. I now tell everyone about my life-changing experience and urge anyone who has hearing loss to get help.
- Nathalie R.

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