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Tuesday, 11 March 2014 13:38

I now have no trouble hearing

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Dear Dr. Bravo,

I wanted to write and thank you for the excellent care I have received from you and your staff. When I first met with you I was already wearing hearing aids, but disappointed that I could not hear at large events and had difficulty hearing over the telephone.

Thanks to your recommendation my new hearing aids allow me to hear in all situations. Instead of dreading weddings (because I knew I would have to keep saying 'excuse me' to whoever spoke to me) I now look forward to seeing friends and family and catching up. With the new telephone that came with the hearing aids I now have no trouble hearing, which my daughter greatly appreciates too!.

As you know it took me awhile to make the decision to buy, and I really appreciated your patience and your allowing me to test out the new hearing aids so that I could be confident in my purchase. I want to add that your thoughtfulness is reflected by your staff. They are friendly, helpful and considerate,

Loss of hearing runs in my family so needing hearing aids has not been a surprise However I did not anticipate getting the support and service you and your office have provided.

Thanks again,
Libby D.

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