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Tuesday, 09 August 2016 11:21

I Have Received Two Grammy Nominations For Recording and Mixing Pop Records

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My name is Steve Eigner. I have received two Grammy nominations for recording and mixing pop records.
Needless to say, my hearing is my stock in trade. At some point, I was not able to understand what people
were saying when there was background noise. Eventually, I had a hard time understanding speech at
a close distance. It was time to do something about it.

My step father recommended that I go to AUDIOHELP and see what they had to offer. Because of my
knowledge of sound, I was skeptical. But when I met Rufina Yakubov, their audiologist, my fear melted away.
I was clearly in the presence of a skilled professional. Rufina assessed my hearing by using state of the art
equipment. But it was her skill that turned raw data into a real solution.

If my needs were mostly speech recognition, I would have been extremely happy. But I am an audio
engineer. When I listen to music, the frequency curve of my hearing aids must be as accurate as
possible. Rufina was amazing. As I listened to music with headphones, she adjusted the frequency
curve until it sounded natural to me. There were no major changes, just enough so I can record and
mix music with confidence.

I can't thank AUDIOHELP enough. Ashly and Rufina extend themselves to help you in any way possible.
I am so happy with them and the product. I am truly in good hands.

- Steve Eigner., New York, New York

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