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I Have a Wonderful Relationship with the People at Audio Help

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Last year I thought I was becoming demented. I found I was seeming to miss what people were talking about or thinking they were talking about one thing when it was something else entirely. I was worried. I ignored my daughter saying I needed my hearing checked. Finally one morning I was paying for something at a deli, and the lady said clearly, It's my birthday today. So I responded, Happy Birthday. She looked confused...then said, I said I'm taking care of you today. Oh, I said.

The final straw was seeing a Broadway show, Matilda. The young children on stage with high pitched voices sang and I never understood a word they said. By the time I could make out a few words, they were singing about something else. It was a total waste of money as I couldn't follow the story because I couldn't hear the different words.I knew I needed my hearing checked.

I had received a flyer from Audio Help and decided to go in for a free hearing screening. Jessica Woodson met me and put me at ease immediately. She is professional, clear and provided much-needed information about hearing loss and how hearing aides can help. I was fitted with a pair to try for a week. The difference in my hearing specific words improved dramatically. I could follow conversations and no longer felt like I was losing my mind.

In addition, I learned there are different programs that can enhance certain situations that make hearing difficult, like loud restaurants. BUT, I also was concerned with cost. I researched online, Costco and other hearing aid providers. I also spoke to several people who have had hearing aides for years. These people had invested in the cheaper online or Costco brands. Generally, the conclusion was, all hearing aids do amplify sound. the difference is if they are custom made to fit your specific frequency loss. The online inexpensive brands had buzzing or feedback issues. The Costco brands weren't top of the line, had different people at every visit making a relationship hard, adjustments were not always helpful or appropriate.

Some friends had felt they wasted a lot of money on the cheaper versions to try to save money, but in the end, found the better products made a huge difference. I especially listened to the issue that having a good relationship with the people you buy the hearing aids from is essential to getting a good fit. Audio help with Jessica Woodson was certainly that! AND, and at Audio help free batteries and maintenance is provided for the life of the hearing aids. Audio Help also had the capacity to give me multiple programs to improve hearing in many different settings.

Best of all they were very convenient to my home and always available for adjustments or answering questions. Still worried, I called my Internist for a referral to a doctor for hearing aids. When I got to his office, I was informed the hearing specialist only came in on certain days but I could go to their office around the corner. It was the same Audio Help office I had been going to all along! I was very happy. Yes, the investment was large, but you do get what you pay for. I have excellent service, I hear well, speak more softly, and have batteries and maintenance servicing for years to come. Best of all I have a wonderful relationship with the people at Audio Help to walk me through the years of hearing issues as they arise. For this, I am very thankful.

Marcia Owens

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