Why Hearing The Call?

Circle of Giving

Audio Help values personal responsibility and community involvement. We strive to reach people throughout our community and operate on a reduced fee/sliding scale based on family size and income. Through Hearing the Call individuals who qualify will pay a significantly reduced amount for hearing aids. In return, our unique Circle of Giving model gives our patients the opportunity to give back to the community through a designated amount of volunteer hours. This is our way of thanking the donors who make it possible for our patients to receive the Gift of Hearing.

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As a non-profit, Hearing the Call- Audio Help depends on your generosity. Help us make a lasting impact on communities everywhere by donating your old hearing aids or making a monetary contribution. Your donations will be used locally to restore hope to those with hearing loss who don’t have the means to access the Gift of Hearing. Your donations will also be used for Hearing The Call global humanitarian trips as teams of audiologists and volunteers work to provide the Gift of Hearing to individuals in underserved areas. Our communities work best when they work together, so help us bring the Gift of Hearing to those at home and around the world. Visit any of our 5 Audio Help Hearing Centers in New York City, Scarsdale and Stamford CT to donate your gently used hearing aids. Monetary donations can be made at Hearing The Call - Audio Helphearingthecall.org/audiohelp.

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From The Beginning

Dr. Bravo’s path led him to establish Audio Help Hearing Centers in 2000. The stress caused by hearing related issues can be extremely difficult, so Dr. Bravo has worked to build a team that is both personable and dedicated to your hearing health and treatment. Our licensed hearing healthcare professionals and dedicated support staff are committed to providing hearing assessments and solutions through advanced technology and personalized service.

As a practice, we continuously discussed hearing health needs that weren't being met in our area. As a result, we became involved with Hearing the Call, a 501c3 nonprofit that helps people get the hearing care that they need domestically and internationally. We have now branched out through this organization with Hearing The Call - Audio Help.

Our goal is to improve the quality of life for you, our patients, and your family and friends within the community.


Thousands of people around the world with hearing difficulty go without basic hearing healthcare. This makes it difficult for children to learn and make friends, while adults avoid social events to prevent being embarrassed.

Audio Help’s Dr. Ed Bravo has made it his personal mission to change that. With donor support, Dr. Bravo and other volunteers have provided hearing screenings for more than a thousand people this year in Panajachel, Guatemala and Manta, Ecuador. Dozens of residents received hearing aids, including some who were able to hear for the first time.

Together we can give the gift of hearing to those who want to thrive and achieve. In addition to Guatemala and Ecuador, Dr. Bravo and other volunteers have missions planned to Mozambique, Zambia and the Middle East in the coming year.

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