The Audio Help Hearing Centers team cares about your hearing health and wants to provide you with a lifetime of support and happiness. Our Doctors of Audiology understand the importance of including counseling, education, effective communication strategies, and a gradual adaption period to the hearing aid process.

Your health, happiness, and overall wellbeing are directly related to your hearing. Research studies have shown that untreated hearing loss might lead to feelings of depression, isolation, reduced earning power, impaired memory, and diminished physical and psychological health.

You and your loved ones will have to make some adjustments on the journey back to better hearing. Our exclusive Hearing Health Plan includes Hearing Rehabilitation Classes to help the hearing impaired and their families communicate better. Some of the varied aspects covered in these classes are:

  • How the hearing impaired are affected socially and psychologically
  • Ways to assist the hearing impaired by adopting progressive communication strategies and undergoing assertiveness training
  • How family members can learn to effectively communicate with the hearing impaired  

Audio Help proudly offers a support group for our hearing impaired clients and their families on the second Wednesday of every month.  The time of the class changes monthly to accommodate our growing community of participants and their varying schedules.

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