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Hearing Aid Battery Maintenance Guide

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My hearing aid uses size _____________ battery


  • Your battery should be changed every 1-2 weeks
  • If your hearing aid sounds strange or is not working, try changing the battery/batteries
  • Remove the sticker tab before placing the battery into your hearing aid(s)
  • If you are having difficulty placing battery into hearing aid, make sure that the plus (+) side is facing the right direction
  • Always carry extra batteries

Where to store your batteries...

  • Store batteries at room temperature
  • Keep batteries away from children, warm, wet places and metal objects

Before Bed...

  • Before you go to bed, open the battery door - This will help make your battery last longer!

Follow up with your Audiologist

  • Don't forget, your audiologist and his/her team are here to help you!
  • If you forget how to change the battery or have any other concerns about your hearing aids, feel free to contact your audiologist and ask.

How to use this calendar...

  • When you remove the sticker tab from the battery place it on the date that you put in the new battery - This will help you remember when to change the battery next!

Image of 2019 Calendar

Image of 2020 Calendar

Image of 2021 calendar

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