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My experience was very fine. I went into the office to ask that my hearing aids be cleaned and the person I spoke to did so immediately, so I had no wait at all. She also pointed out how I might clean them more efficiently, and offered me a brush, which I left there on the desk. I intend to stop by and pick it up tomorrow.
I have been extremely satisfied with my care at Audio Help on 86th Street and Park Avenue.

- Marjorie W., New York City

I am so happy that Audio Help tested my hearing and offered the best hearing aids at a very reasonable price. I could not be more pleased with them. All the staff are knowledgeable and they are there to help you throughout the day. They do not forget you once you purchase your hearing aids. If you want an honest intelligent and efficient Audio establishment then go straight to AUDIO HELP--They are the best!!

Barbara Leah Bova, PhD

Wednesday, 10 June 2015 15:14

AS ALWAYS, I thought you were great

Dr. Bravo, AS ALWAYS, I thought you were great! Many thanks!

Dr. Claude Bloch, New York City

My May 20 visit to Audio Help was both productive and pleasant. I only waited a few minutes, and then I benefitted from Dr. Bravo's undivided attention for a while during which he examined my ears, tested my hearing and checked my hearing aids. All of this took no more than 30 minutes. I appreciate the personal attention, the professionalism and the efficiency.

Peter G., New York City

As I was getting ready to go out on Tuesday AM, I inserted my hearing aids and the left one did not say "left ready." I removed it, changed the battery--still nothing. I called Audiohelp to make sure someone was available. Came in--no wait, got the necessary fix--asked about the right, that was checked. Smiling, helpful and immediate service--a real pleasure. Thank you so much.

-Evelyn G., New York City

As always my visit to Dr. Bravo and his staff was excellent. I was warmly greeted by the receptionist and by Dr. Bravo.

I was very impressed by the way he could compare the results of the hearing test I took to those of last year. He had them at his fingertips on the computer.

He also counseled me to have my hearing aids refurbished by the factory while they were still under warranty. I appreciate this because I would not have thought to do it myself.

I've come to expect this kind of professionalism from Dr. Bravo and he never lets me down. I recommend him to any of my friends with hearing problems.

Carl H., New York City

I am incredibly happy with the service I receive at Audio Help. I was taken care of immediately for cleaning, and again for replacing a part that had snapped off. Many thanks!

- Marjorie W., New York City

Friday, 15 May 2015 16:08

I can really hear the improvement

I have always had good care at Audio Help. Dr. Bravo is the best. I walked in this morning without an appointment and you were able to fit me into the schedule. Dr. Bravo performed a spring tune-up and I can really hear the improvement this afternoon.

- Dan B., New York City

I have been a patient at Audio Help for many years. I have always had an awesome experience. My hearing loss has not been an easy thing for me to accept in life but my experience with Audio Help has made my journey much more bearable and acceptable.

Kathy Andrade is an amazing person. Whenever I need to come in for an appointment she always makes it possible. In addition she is always smiling and makes me smile. She is definitely a major asset to Audio Help and I truly appreciate a person like her greeting me with a smile EVERY single time I come.

- Keda P., New York City

Wednesday, 06 May 2015 11:46

Cannot be matched

Your long time [hearing] care, knowledge and personal interaction cannot be matched.

- Jacob B., New York City

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