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Wednesday, 10 October 2012 09:39

Amazed At The Improvement

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I've been a client of Audio Help for the past few years, beginning with hearing loss in my left ear. After a check-up with an ENT specialist, a thorough audiology exam, and the staff's help in selecting the appropriate hearing aid for me, I was in better shape for dinners with friends, concerts, lectures, movies, the gym, even eavesdropping!

The attentive and caring team, including Dr. Bravo and assistants, has helped me keep track of any changes in hearing and has prescribed an appliance upgrade when the need arose. My elderly friend, who is a retired classical musician, needed to change hearing aids. I referred him to Dr. Bravo at an office convenient to him and he was amazed at the improvement. Thanks for making two happily hearing people!
- Juliana W.

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