A hearing aid battery.


Medical History

First, one of our licensed audiologists will review with you your medical history, including:

  • Ear infections and/or surgery
  • History of noise exposure
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Any dizziness
  • Head injury
  • Current medications
Image of an animated hearing aid.


Hearing Aid Demonstration

After determining the best option to better your hearing health, your licensed audiologist will discuss the options available and recommend the solution(s) that best meet your needs. If a hearing aid is recommended, your licensed audiologist will demonstrate the hearing aid in a variety of sample situations, such as a dining in a restaurant, watching TV, listening to music, and much more. Before leaving our office, we equip you with the knowledge and confidence that you can control your better hearing.

A pair of headphones.


Hearing Test & Results

Finally, the results of our hearing tests and conversations will assist our licensed audiologists to determine which path to take for better hearing health. This may include a specific hearing aid, listening device or treatment options. The chosen path is based on the following criteria:

  • Type of hearing loss
  • Lifestyle
  • Communication need
  • Shape of your ear canal
An ear in need of a hearing aid.


Q & A

Our team understands the importance of listening to your concerns and learning more about your specific situation before recommending a hearing plan. Thus, your licensed audiologist will ask you and a loved one questions regarding your hearing loss and the situations most important to you for improved communications, including:

  • Do you have difficulty in certain listening environments, such as a restaurant, movie/theatre, group setting, talking on the phone or watching TV?
  • Are you often told that your TV is too loud?
  • How would you describe your communication lifestyle? (i.e., do you tend to shout because you cannot fully hear the other person?)
  • Do you get anxious during any social situation?
  • If your audiologist determines hearing aids or other listening devices would help, would you feel comfortable to wear them (depending on which type)?
  • What are your hearing health priorities? (e.g., cost, cosmetics.)