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Thursday, 30 April 2015 16:23

Kareen made my experience at Audiohelp one of pure joy!

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It is with great pleasure that I write this letter to you regarding my experience with Kareen Medina at Audiohelp.

As you know, hearing loss is very traumatic and leaves on feeling very vulnerable. It is also stressful having to make a decision to purchase new hearing aides and to say goodbye to old ones that have been good friends for years.

Kareen made my experience at Audiohelp one of pure joy! She is very wise and empathic. I felt comfortable with her throughout all of my tests and felt very confident with her recommendations. She is also very competent with all of the computer detail required in testing my hearing and adjusting my new hearing aids to my needs.

Kareen is a gem! I hope that she is appreciated at Audiohelp.

- Ann W., New York City

Friday, 24 April 2015 08:53

The office is very professional and you were very kind.

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Thanks for all your help in getting me fixed up with my new hearing aids.

The office is very professional and you were very kind.

I am busy playing with all my new toys and will report on them when I see you next.

-David D., New York

Thursday, 16 April 2015 10:48

I was at a cookbook event and heard everything!

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I also want to say again how great they [hearing aids] are. I use the streamer all the time with my iPad and phone. I can watch something while Larry is watching something else. It's also made so much of a difference being out. Last weekend we went to dinner and I heard everyone talking around the table. (First in a long time.) Last night I was at a cookbook event at Eataly and I heard the entire thing .. so very cool!

- Maria R. (New York City)

Monday, 15 December 2014 09:35

My Grandfather absolutely loves his new hearing aids

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I wanted to let you know that my grandfather absolutely loves his new hearing aids. He has become livelier and much more talkative. It has been many years since I last heard him laugh so much when he is watching TV. Thank you for everything.

- Jason W.

Tuesday, 04 November 2014 11:03

I continue to have excellent visits to Audio Help

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As usual, Dr. Bravo was efficient, kind and very helpful. I continue to have excellent visits to Audio Help, and Dr. B. and the staff are very helpful and courteous. In addition, I have had excellent preservation of my hearing over at least the last 10 years. The same has gone for the patients IBravo.

- Bernard C.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014 11:07

Recommend? A Definitive Yes!

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My sister, Peggy, from New Mexico has been wearing hearing aids for many years. While in a New York City visit this past summer 2014, we met with Rufina, the center's audiologist, for a complete and thorough hearing test. After which, Peggy received a recommendation for a new up-to-date set of hearing aids, which Peggy decided to purchase.

Rufina took her time with Peggy, calmly explaining at some length all the differences between the new, and Peggy's old, hearing aids. The new ones are a quantum leap forward in design and ability to improve hearing, and a new phone works with the new hearing aids so that Peggy is now able to hear much better in a phone conversation, and the speaker on the other end of the line (me!) no longer has to yell at the top of his lungs, often repeatedly, to be heard by Peggy.

A tremendous asset to this location is Ashley, working in the main office, who provided knowledgeable and patient advice to my sister about changing batteries, filters, and other replaceable parts of the new hearing aids. Both Rufina and Ashley are dolls, and their coordination and ability to answer all questions was essential to Peggy's understanding and proper use of her new hearing aids. In addition, both Rufina and Ashley worked diligently to provide Peggy access to audiologists in Albuquerque, New Mexico, so that Peggy has local personal and professional contracts she has met with to ask further questions she has had regarding her new hearing aids.

When Peggy returned to New York City in October 2014, both Rufina and Ashley spent additional time with my sister explaining to her some of the concerns she had about her new hearing aids. And by the way, the hearing center is located just a few steps from the 14th Street Subway stop of the A, C and E trains. Would I recommend this center to someone looking for the latest in hearing aids -- as you can read, the answer is a definitive YES!

-George F.

Friday, 23 May 2014 09:07

Bravo for the new hearing aids

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I just got back from an excellent performance of Bach's St. Matthew's Passion at Carnegie Hall. The hearing aids performed extremely well on the "Music" setting.

Pardon the pun on your name.

Best regards, Mark N.
New York, NY

Tuesday, 11 March 2014 13:38

I now have no trouble hearing

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Dear Dr. Bravo,

I wanted to write and thank you for the excellent care I have received from you and your staff. When I first met with you I was already wearing hearing aids, but disappointed that I could not hear at large events and had difficulty hearing over the telephone.

Thanks to your recommendation my new hearing aids allow me to hear in all situations. Instead of dreading weddings (because I knew I would have to keep saying 'excuse me' to whoever spoke to me) I now look forward to seeing friends and family and catching up. With the new telephone that came with the hearing aids I now have no trouble hearing, which my daughter greatly appreciates too!.

As you know it took me awhile to make the decision to buy, and I really appreciated your patience and your allowing me to test out the new hearing aids so that I could be confident in my purchase. I want to add that your thoughtfulness is reflected by your staff. They are friendly, helpful and considerate,

Loss of hearing runs in my family so needing hearing aids has not been a surprise However I did not anticipate getting the support and service you and your office have provided.

Thanks again,
Libby D.

Monday, 16 December 2013 14:24

I'm so glad I'm part of your family

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Thank you and your staff for your birthday greetings and for all of those [hearing aid] batteries. I'm so glad I'm part of your family. It changed my life. I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year.


I am in the process of getting my third pair of hearing aids from Audio Help and I want to commend Rufina Yakubov, who fitted me with my current pair.

It was difficult. I did not like the ones that go over the ear - she went to another choice without a qualm. When things went wrong or did not suit me, she was determined to make them work for me.

She was patient when I was not, intelligent and good-tempered every step of the way.

It was a long process [and] I think it is finally resolved. I could not have asked for a more helpful or informed audiologist. I can not praise her enough. She is a wonderful addition to your staff.

With thanks, Sloane S.

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