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Thursday, 03 December 2015 12:28

A Letter to Dr. Bravo

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Dr. Bravo,

During and after my hearing appointment today you brought to my attention that the need for hearing aids goes beyond just the results of a hearing test to determine a patient's need for them. As I sat there and explained what my life was like before hearing aids, you asked me to share with you what having these hearing aids did to change my life.

First of all, I was in denial for years when it came to giving in to having hearing aids; as this is a very common occurrence, even thou I was unaware what life was like without them. As the years flew by I made due with this disability and accepted what I thought I was hearing, instead of realizing that a large part of my life around me was being missed and misunderstood due to the lack of hearing well.

In recent years I would spend time with family and friends, and during conversations I would routinely mishear what was being said, and then make a statement in response to what I thought I had heard, only to draw some laughter at my expense no less; and deep down inside I grew more and more unhappy and embarrassed. This was occurring far too often.

As time went on, I would just nod and agree with what was being said instead of fully understanding what was said, and never really responded anymore to the conversation at that time (socially isolating myself). I tried cupping my ears to hear better, whether I was at a seminar or just conversation taking place and it worked. However it was embarrassing I had to do this often.

The icing on the cake came when my wife, son and I flew out to San Francisco to share in the excitement of the World Series with my family. And as we walked around the stadium in public I could not hear nor be a part of any of the conversation my family was having; ruining a very special moment, and only then did I decide at that time to have a hearing test and have AUDIOHELP provide your wonderful hearing aids.

[My] life has changed more than any hearing test could show as my real life experiences have allowed me to hear things I never knew I was missing. For example, I love music and having been commuting over 40 years, and having driven over one and a half million miles, you listen to a lot of music. I now hear instruments in songs I never knew existed. I now hear when a motorcycle whizzes by ahead time reducing the scare that occurred far too often. And I don't leave the blinker on while I am driving as often. The birds chirping are clearer and making it much more enjoyable. And oh, by the way, I don't have to cup my hands anymore. I now talk on the phone and hear every word clearly.

The things I was missing do not show up on any hearing test and can only be noticed when you have a hearing aid to bring back the precious sounds of life, and reduce the hearing disability to a very tolerable level.

My suggestion is to have a patient carry around a card with some of these hearing issues people will have, and they can just check the box and make notes of any hearing frustration that take place during a week, and then make an assessment of whether hearing aids are a must.

Thank you AUDIOHELP,
Edward Pinto

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